What is a printing calculator

What is a printing calculator

Calculators with the function of printing operations and their results on paper are rare guests in our offices. Why? Has a printing calculator also become a victim of general computerization? Partly, yes, that’s right. But really only in part. In some fields of activity it is difficult to replace this smart machine with a computer.

Which areas are we talking about? It’s about painstaking paperwork, when the course of calculations and results are better to keep an eye on. It’s no secret that in an era of undivided domination of personal computers, we still have to deal with a huge amount of paper. For many of us, electronic paperless circulation remains a dream when it comes to strict accounting documents. Even if the office is fully computerized, the paperless document flow turns out to be unrealized in adjacent structures – at suppliers, buyers, in the supervising organizations and so on. Everything has to be done literally by hand – to print a lot of documents, summaries, tables.

And here the calculator with printing function can come to the aid. It too, of course, is a low-power computer, specialized, designed to perform a limited number of operations with numbers. But we don’t need anything else. There would be a convenient calculator and neatly designed paper with the results of calculations. This paper can be used to control the calculations. You can paste it into the report form. On this website you can find an excellent overview of these calculators at https://bestcalculators.net/best-printing-calculator-reviews/

The printed calculator can be useful in everyday life, especially since these machines are quite inexpensive (if we talk about general purpose and budget class devices). In everyday life on the printing calculator it is convenient to prepare the institute coursework, to keep records of personal expenses, to plan the forthcoming expenses. Results of calculations in any calculator with the built in printer are deduced on a narrow paper strip which one in one looks like a tape of the cash register. 

And here is the time to talk about technology. What are the printing calculators? Separation is many-sided enough. First, there are desktop calculators with only mains power. Secondly, there are portable calculators with a combined power supply from the network and replaceable cells (or batteries). With mains power – the most expensive and functional, with battery power – the most affordable and simple.

Printing calculators are divided into 12-bit (the simplest) and 14-bit ones in terms of digit capacity. On the type of indicator – equipped with a monochrome LCD display, luminous fluorescent display (green light) and color display based on an LCD matrix.

The variety is large enough. In inexpensive models thermal and matrix printing is used. Inkjet technology is used more expensively in the calculators. Which calculator is better? Judging by the experience of fax machines, thermal printing is not particularly durable – in the sense that the paper with the printed results of calculations fades over time, the printed characters become difficult to distinguish. But, on the other hand, we do not need to store such information forever in most cases. 

The most practical are the matrix-printed calculators. They can be monochrome (black symbols on white paper) and two-color (black and red symbols on white paper). Inkjet calculators are two-color. It is very convenient when the calculator with two-color printing regardless of the technology used in it) is equipped with a two-color display.