How to prolong the intercourse?

How to prolong the intercourse?

During intercourse, a man gets satisfaction, and a woman may not experience it if the process ends too quickly. Therefore, the question of prolonging the act is quite popular. If the partner will not experience positive emotions for a long time, a man can noticeably decrease his self-esteem. As statistics shows, the average duration of intercourse is 5 minutes or less. This is too short for a woman, so ladies seek by all possible methods to increase the duration at least twice. 

Methods used are very different – from folk methods, the use of pharmaceutical drugs and completing the appeal to Grannies, who will offer some kind of incantation with dubious results. You can buy specialized medicines at

Why does the duration of intercourse decreases

Before proceeding to actively prolong sexual intercourse man, it is worth to understand the reasons why the partner may suffer from premature ejaculation. They can be psychological, physiological and so on. Among the most common problems of a psychogenic nature is worth noting:

  • exposure to stress and neurosis;
  • memories of past failures in bed;
  • fear of pregnancy of the partner;
  • overexertion.

Hormonal disorder also leads to problems in the sexual plan. If a man has increased sensitivity of the penis head, then ejaculation will come too quickly. Heredity also plays a role, along with health problems that have been passed down from parents. Inflammatory diseases can lead to erectile dysfunction – the most common are vesiculitis, urethritis or prostate problems. Such pathologies must be detected at an early stage in order to carry out timely treatment and get rid of inflammation. Some pathologies affect not only sexual intercourse, but also urination. Regardless of the problem, the only true solution is to go to a specialist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Pharmacology to improve intimacy

The use of medicines to prolong sexual intercourse should be coordinated with your doctor, because many drugs have a list of contraindications. The effectiveness of medicines is quite high, but you should not exceed the dosage indicated on the package or agreed with a specialist.

The most popular drug for restoring erectile function to a man is considered Viagra, but with the development of pharmaceuticals, you can find a huge number of generics that have excellent results. They come in the form of capsules, tablets for sucking or jelly. The latter have a fruity taste and pleasant flavor, so they do not cause the negative emotions that can occur when taking regular capsules. Drugs for dissolution can be used completely unnoticed by the partner – just put the pill under the tongue and wait for complete dissolution. Drugs begin to work about half an hour after taking them, and the duration of action depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the type of drug. You can buy them at