Prostatitis and potency: is there a connection

Prostatitis and potency: is there a connection

Prostatitis – a real scourge for entire generations of men of different ages. Naturally, when the first symptoms of this disease are detected, every man begins to wonder how the disease will affect potency. In fact, most urologists are inclined to believe that potency and prostatitis are associated only indirectly – that is, when a man suffers from pain, the inability to completely empty the bladder and malaise, sex becomes indifferent to him. It may be that the intercourse still occurs, but the man experiences quite unpleasant feelings in the perineum at the end of it, or the process of ejaculation is accompanied by a sharp pain.

In addition, neglected chronic prostatitis provokes the formation of a kind of scars in the prostate gland, becoming an obstacle to the receptors that conduct impulses that are responsible for erection and ejaculation. In this case, ignoring the disease certainly leads to impotence. Now you can find specialized medications to help you overcome the unwanted symptoms. For example, you can use these medications This will help you overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and effectively deal with the disease.

Sexual potency after prostatitis

We have already found out that sexual male function in prostatitis does not disappear at all – there may only be violations of the mechanisms of erection, its duration and quality. Also, sometimes the process of intimacy is marred by premature ejaculation, bluntness or complete absence of orgasm. The degree of expression of these symptoms is determined by the male strength of the patient himself, his constitution. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to contact a competent urologist in time, who will prescribe a timely and comprehensive treatment of prostatitis. At the end of such a course, potency, as a rule, is completely restored.

If the violations are related to mental problems, the doctor will introduce a number of special drugs in the course of treatment, which can return a man to normal sexual activity. Sexual life is an important attribute of a normal relationship with a partner. If you cannot maintain an erection, you have problems in bed. This leads to quarrels and misunderstandings from your partner. So if you have unwanted manifestations, you should find effective methods to eliminate the disease.

Peculiarities of buying specialized medicines

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