Snake bet for a roulette game

Snake bet for a roulette game

This article will tell about the bet, which is commonly referred to as the “Red Snake”. It is very popular in Europe, but not so well known in the United States. If you are interested in free slots canada or the game of roulette, you first need to choose a reliable casino, which you can do here Specialized resources will help you highlight the most reliable casinos and use them to try your luck.

Distinctive features of the snake bet

“Red Snake” is the same dozen bet, which has several fundamental differences compared to the original. The numbers of columns and dozens included in its composition are arranged in such a way as to resemble the shape of the snake. The bet consists solely of sectors of red. “Red snake” is made on the numbers, and with those numbers that are not part of the snake, it does not intersect. The size of the bet can change as the player wishes. Some institutions have a special button to make the “Red Snake” in one click. But this button is present, unfortunately, not in all casinos.

However, you can always make “snake” manually. Note that in American roulette payout for such a bet will be about a percentage less. Of course, you can play in institutions where there is a special button for this bet or bet manually, but in already proven casinos. Land-based casinos do not provide a special field for the “snake”. For those wishing to make such a bet there is a special scheme, according to which you need to put on the corner 31/34 the number of chips, a multiple of 12. The casino can change this scheme, so before you play, you need to clarify all the nuances.

History of the origin of the snake bet

There is no exact data on this issue. Many are trying to appropriate the glory of the creator of the “Red Snake”. The only thing that is undeniable is that the famous zigzag began to be used much earlier than they came up with its official name. One of the widespread versions says that this bet was invented in China. In this country, the red color is considered a sign of luck. In addition, the snake can be found among the symbols of the Chinese calendar. These facts suggest that the famous zigzag was invented by the Chinese players.

Pros and cons of the Red Snake

Any bet has advantages and disadvantages. “Red snake” is unusual and has a memorable appearance. The disadvantages of the bet include the fact that it takes a long time to build and it requires a significant bankroll. No mathematical features presented method has no. If you like this bet, you can safely use it. Remember that at roulette, everything depends on luck, and one hundred percent winning strategies has not yet invented. Aim to get the maximum pleasure from the gameplay. If the “Red Snake” has brought luck, then the day of winning can be called a happy day for you.

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