The best treatments for erectile dysfunction

The best treatments for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction brings significant discomfort to a man’s life and worsens his quality of life. Pathology appears as a consequence of a variety of different causes. Timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease can preserve potency until old age.

What is erectile dysfunction?

This is a disorder of sexual function in which it is impossible to get a stable erection, maintain during intercourse or complete ejaculation. The problem often causes men psychological discomfort, and the inability to have a full sexual life leads to other health problems.

When arousal occurs, there is a release of biologically active substances to the blood, which relax the walls of the arteries and increase blood flow in the penis. The penis becomes hard and increases in size until ejaculation. With pathology, there is insufficient blood supply to the organ, which leads to sexual weakness.

Treatment methods for erectile dysfunction

To restore the full functioning of the sexual organ should be approached comprehensively and necessarily under the supervision of specialists. If the cause is not obvious, such as trauma or concomitant chronic disease, it must first be identified. This will help specialists such as a urologist, endocrinologist, andrologist. An indispensable condition for the detection and further treatment of erectile dysfunction is the supervision of physicians – psychologist and sexologist. Perhaps the appointment of medication in combination with physiotherapy, laser and magnetic therapy. It is even possible surgical intervention, as a result of which the normal flow of blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis will be restored. Treatment will be more effective if there is a complete abandonment of such bad habits as smoking and alcohol.

If erection problems are still associated with an underlying chronic disease, there will not be a complete restoration of function. In this case, the doctor will offer drugs with which it is possible to have a single sexual intercourse, for example, injections just before it directly into the organ. You can also try these drugs

The main thing in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is not to be embarrassed and not afraid to go to the doctor-specialist. Many men are withdrawn within themselves, thereby only worsening the situation. Attentive attention to the health of the whole body, proper nutrition, lack of bad habits and sports are the main preventive measures that will keep away from such ailments as erectile dysfunction.